Thursday, May 22, 2008

Make Great Money With Sports Betting - Learn all the Secrets

Sports betting is a very lucrative industry as you may already know. A large number of people make a full time living out of simply picking sporting event results. While you may be thinking that sports betting is all about luck, it really isn't at all. There are strategies that have been proven to work and knowing what to look for in a sporting event is important.

I want to tell you about a product called Sports Betting Champ that I have done a lot of research on. The creator of this sports betting system, John Morrison, has a PhD in statistics from Cornell University. Oh, and get this, John makes roughly $12,000 every week using his sports betting program. Keep in mind he does have a lot of capital to play with from having betting success since 2003.

I know, that is a lot of money, but if you know anything about sports betting, you know that it is entirely possible. Sports Betting Champ has many customers who have made the transition from a regular 9-5 job to betting on sports games as a full time income.

John's is currently picking games correctly at a rate of about 97%. As of May 22, he had picked 79 NBA games correctly with only 1 loss. Keep in mind that many people that are using Sports Betting Champ are seeing very similar results.

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